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An amazing movie. (Twilight)


Now I shall tell you about a film that I like.I like the movie Twilight. A good film. LOVE story of a GIRL AND a VAMPIRE THAT's UNUSUAL. IN THIS WORLD SO LITTLE ROMANCE. BUT WHEN you have SEEN THIS MOVIE IT SEEMS to me THAT A GUY like YOU TOO WANT. for ME, THIS FILM is NOT TRIVIAL. OF COURSE ALL SAY IT'S NOT A FILM. THIS IS SOMETHING ДУРАЦКОЕ. all SAY THESE MOVIES ABOUT VAMPIRES TIRED. So many of them,that everything they simply do not look. But I do not agree. This movie is wonderful. He did not like the banal vampires who are afraid of the sun and drink human blood. It is not so. The vampires in this movie came out on to the next level. Have become less bloodthirsty. In them, there was kindness. In these vampires have feelings. They know how to love. And who would that not saying twilight was a good movie. And love vampire and the girl is romantic and sweet. And their wedding such as people have only a hundred times better. And all the moments in the film enchanted. Movie super-duper.
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That raises my mood.

Hot chocolate and favorite music makes my mood better.

Yung Berg Ft. Junior — Sexy Lady

Will.I.Am feat. Justin Bieber — ThatPower

Trey Songz — One Love

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